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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Carolina Herrera Collections

-Originally comes from Sephora Dubai
-Box, bottle and packaging are exactly the same with original perfume from US
-All process of packaging etc were done in Dubai but the original essence of the perfume comes from the country of origin but reduced the 'pati' when bottled. Hence, it's scent remains the same as original.
-90% original essence, 10% others material
-Lasting from 4hrs up to 8hrs depends on body temperature and ambient temperature
-Recommendations for:
1)Lack of budget to buy the original one
2)Perfumes Lover or people who always switch different perfume depends on different occasions
3)As a gift/present for friends, gf/bf, family etc
4)Collectors of perfumes

212 Sexy is an essence of the sensual feminity, charming, impressive, and irresistible. The mauve colored bottle with matte metallic cap symbolizes the harmony between passion and tenderness. The top unites freshness of bergamot with warm and exciting pink pepper. The heart reveals delicate gardenia and sharp geranium. The base is deep and balmy with a long and sensual trace of caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and mysterious musk. It was launched in 2005.

Price: RM60

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP, launched in September 2010, is surrounded by slogans such as "Are you on the list?" and "This is a private party", 212 VIP embodies the lifestyle of those in centre of attention. First of all, the inspiration is sought amongst New York youth; those young, stylish, modern and creative people, always ready for fun.

212 VIP is glamorous and exclusive in its composition, which was developed by the perfumer Alberto Morillas, inspired by the energetic life of New York metropolis, the city that never sleeps. Fresh aromas of seductive rum and passion fruit from the beginning of the compositions will take you to the musk and gardenia heart, and then to the soft base of vanilla and tonka bean.

Price: RM60

A perfume for a young woman, the scent of New York, the scent of life. The flacon evokes the same artistic concept as the perfume itself—it’s modern, urban, charismatic, unique, just like the city of New York. The fragrance is optimistic, a symbol of the curiosity and energy of a young urban woman living in a large city. Top notes include orange blossom, bergamot and mandarin. The heart notes, also floral, are composed of camellia, gardenia and lily. The base is made of sandalwood and bright musk. The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas.

Price: RM60

The new Carolina Herrera perfume is floral, with a fresh start and an oriental finish. The composition is opened with fresh notes of bergamot, orange, grapefruit and a juicy melon. In the sweet heart there are Bulgarian rose, jasmine and praline. Cinnamon, woody notes and leather lock the composition down. A whole crew worked to make this perfume: Oliver Cresp from Firmenich, Rosendo Mateu from Puig and the daughter of the founder, Carolina Adriana Herrera. It was launched in 2007. CH was created by Olivier Cresp, Rosendo Mateu and Carolina Adriana Herrera.

Price: RM60

Chic is light, but elegant, coloured in red, of course, because this colour is very feminine; it is not virgin-like, but passionate. The real chic lies in constrasts: when the simple becomes complicated, because it encourages thinking and has a magical, influential power. For this purpose the simple and magical red colour was chosen, the shape of the bottle is simple, and the fragrance itself is a perfect balance between freshness and graceful sensuality. The top notes include Bulgarian rose and red freesia, the middle ones mandarin blossom and orange; the base voluptuous vanilla and white musk. Chic was created by Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier.

Price: RM60

Airy and bright, CH L’Eau offers a fresh and delicate aura, with a trail of lemon blossom, orange, freesia, rose, jasmine, lily and violet. The base notes finish in warm and pleasant caressing heliotrope, cinnamon and sandalwood.
The new successor CH L’Eau is available in a cylindrical glass bottle filled with a gentle pink fluid, designed to be reminiscent of the classic version. It is available as 50 ml and 100 ml Eau Fraiche. The stopper is completed with a lovely pendant featuring the brand’s insignia. The fragrance will become available this spring. CH L`Eau was launched in 2011.

Price: RM60

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